Eligible STEM Fields

Environmental Sciences



  Environmental Sciences 


 Geological and Related Sciences 


 Polymer Chemistry 

 Earth and Planetary Sciences 


Computer Science 



 Computer and Information Sciences, General

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


 Information Science and Systems

Operations Research 


 Management Information Systems

Mathematics, Other 


 Management Science

Mathematics and Computer Science 






Mathematical Statistics 



Actuarial Science 

 Agricultural Sciences


 Biological Sciences

 Animal Sciences

 Aerospace Engineering


 Food Sciences

 Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering

 Medical Anatomy

 Plant Sciences

 Agricultural Engineering


 Soil Sciences

 Biomedical Engineering

 Medical Biochemistry

 Agricultural Sciences, Other

 Chemical Engineering


 Natural Resources Conservation

 Wood Science

 Biometry and Epidemiology

 Conservation and Regulation

 Polymer/Plastics Engineering


 Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management

 Civil Engineering


 Forestry and Related Sciences


 Medical Biomathematics and Biometrics

 Wildlife and Wild Lands Managements

 Architectural Engineering



 Structural Engineering



 Water Resources Engineering

 Medical Biophysics/Physics


 Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering



 Electrical Engineering

 Plant Pathology


 Computer Engineering

 Plant Physiology


 Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

 Cell and Molecular Biology


 Engineering Science and Engineering Physics

 Cell Biology


 Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

 Molecular Biology


 Systems Engineering

 Medical Cell Biology


 Engineering/Industrial Management

 Medical Molecular Biology


 Systems Science



 Mechanical Engineering

Entomology and Parasitology


 Engineering Mechanics



 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Genetics, Plant and Animal


 Ceramic Sciences and Engineering

 Evolutionary Biology


 Textile Sciences and Engineering

 Medical Genetics


 Materials Science

 Microbiology, Immunology, and Virology





 Mining Engineering

 Biological Immunology


 Geological Engineering



 Geophysical Engineering

 Medical Microbiology


 Nuclear Engineering



 Petroleum Engineering

 Foods and Nutrition Studies


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Nutritional Sciences


 Ocean Engineering

Medical Nutrition


 Engineering Design 

Pathology, Human and Animal



 Medical Pathology



Pharmacology, Human and Animal






 Medical Toxicology



 Physiology, Human and Animal



 Medical Physiology









 Biotechnology Research



Miscellaneous Biological Specializations



Biological Sciences/Life Sciences



Biological and Physical Sciences




Dr. Maurice Edington, Director
Provides leadership and governance for the successful implementation of the program model at partner institutions

J. Byron Greene, Assoc. Director
Provides administrative management; strategic planning and effective program operations of the alliance

Edna Cofield, Program Manager
Manages program compliance for the alliance and FGLSAMP program implementation at FAMU