Benefits of FGLSAMP

As a FGLSAMP Scholar you will...

·        Immediately become part of a STEM Learning Community
·  A family like atmosphere that is dedicated to your academic success
·  Great way to connect with other students with same academic interest and goals
·  Built in academic support system
·   Access to university faculty and administrators

·        Engage in cutting-edge research opportunities
·  Access to on-campus research
·  Access to research for undergraduate experiences with
·   National Science Foundation
·   Department of Energy
·   Department of Defense
·   National Security Administration
·   National Institutes of  Health
·   International Research Organizations

·        Participate and travel to STEM Research Conferences and Meetings to engage in:
·  Research Presentations
·  Professional Networking
·  Peer Networking (Other LSAMP national scholars)
·  Career Opportunities
·  Graduate School Recruitment

·        Receive STEM Career and graduate school preparation
·  Speakers and seminars
·   Campus visitations
·  GRE preparation
·  Exposure to STEM professionals and recruitment representatives

Dr. Maurice Edington, Director
Provides leadership and governance for the successful implementation of the program model at partner institutions

J. Byron Greene, Assoc. Director
Provides administrative management; strategic planning and effective program operations of the alliance

Edna Cofield, Program Manager
Manages program compliance for the alliance and FGLSAMP program implementation at FAMU