Benefits of FGLSAMP

As a FGLSAMP Scholar you will...

·        Immediately become part of a STEM Learning Community

  • A family like atmosphere that is dedicated to your academic success
  • Great way to connect with other students with same academic interest and goals
o  Built in academic support system
o   Access to university faculty and administrators

·        Engage in cutting-edge research opportunities
o  Access to on-campus research
o  Access to research for undergraduate experiences with
§   National Science Foundation
§   Department of Energy
§   Department of Defense
§   National Security Administration
§   National Institutes of  Health
§   International Research Organizations

·        Participate and travel to STEM Research Conferences and Meetings to engage in:
o  Research Presentations
o  Professional Networking
o  Peer Networking (Other LSAMP national scholars)
o  Career Opportunities
o  Graduate School Recruitment

·        Receive STEM Career and graduate school preparation
o  Speakers and seminars
o   Campus visitations
o  GRE preparation
o  Exposure to STEM professionals and recruitment representatives